Editorials written and posted by Just Editorial are available for nonexclusive publication by newspapers, magazines and websites. They may be run as main editorials, guest editorials or op-ed columns.

For a while, there will be no cost to publish these editorials.

How to credit an editorial:

  • As a publication's own editorial: No credit. Edit the editorial as desired.
  • As a guest editorial: Credit to JustEditorial.com. Edit for style and fit.
  • As an op-ed column: Credit with a byline or column signature for Glenn Marston, JustEditorial.com. Photo available for download. Edit for style and fit. Tagline: "Glenn Marston is editor and writer for JustEditorial.com."


How to publish an editorial:

  • Go to the Contact page. Send a brief message with the original headline, and your publication name and date.

Glenn Marston, editor and writer, February 2017

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